Saturday, February 19, 2011


Did not think there could be a story as funny as the one as last blog. But guess what! My lovely, and often spontaneous husband called me up today. He requested for a divorce (not suprising,) BUTTTTTT GUESS WHAT!?!? That FUCKING IDIOT asked to still live in the house with me! Using the metaphor, "Its like a dead tree you gotta cut it because its dead (our marriage) and start fresh." Well, personally, FUCK YOU. Who the fuck does this shit, what an ancient ass bitch. He bitches just like a fucking woman, he probably has a mangina too! I'll be sure to pack him a strap on along with his lunch pail when he goes back to school (Btw, he's one of those losers who go back to community college as an old wrinkly fuck.) Any suggestions on ways to fuck with him?

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